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    Portal Setup records



      Portal Setup records


      In this application I inherited, I have sections I'll need to modify which involves the way and content of the data displayed in a Portal Setup.  I can select and when I click on this individual bar it pops up as a button setup at least.  I see I can change the font of the entire bar but am not sure how I can adjust/modify the field contents without starting from scratch all over again if possible.

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          What changes are you trying to make?

          Is this a portal where you click a row in the portal and a script is performed?

          It sounds like you have the fields in the portal row set up as a button.

          If so, make a copy of this group of options and place it somewhere on your layout as something you can refer to until you get the modifications all working for you. Then you can delete it.

          With the row of objects in the portal row selected, choose "ungroup" in the inspector's position tab to ungroup them and remove the button setup. CLickOk when asked for confirmation that you want to make this change.

          Now modify the objects in the portal row as needed. When done, select all the objects in the portal row and use button setup to turn them back into a button. You can double click the copy you made to make sure that the options you select for the modified button match the original settings.

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            Yes it's a button where I can go to the indicated record.  I was at my wits end on how to modify this as ungrouping them first enables me to modify them so long as I can re-group them back into a button with the desired script.  Thanks.