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Portal showing fields from different tables?

Question asked by jcestlin on Nov 23, 2009
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Portal showing fields from different tables?


Using FMP10, MAC OSX 10.5.7


For a theatre database,

I have a parent table People, and a Child table Casts with a join table Shows


The People table has fields> pk_ContactID, FirstName, LastName, email

The Show table has fields >pk_ShowID, ShowTitle, OpenDate, CloseDate, ShowDay, ShowTime

The Cast Table has  >fk_ShowID, fk_ContactID, role/position, 


I would like to be able to have a portal on the People table's tab that will pull from the three tables and show me for each person,

ShowTitle   Role/Position,  OpenDate,   CloseDate,  Showday,  ShowTime


It seems like this should be simple but I'm having no luck because when I try to build the portal from the Cast Table, it doesn't allow me to bring in the  show day/date/time info from the Show Table.


Any help suggested - I'm fairly new to Filemaker so please be gentle!