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    Portal showing just one record



      Portal showing just one record


      I've just created a portal to show all items under certain product/work codes over a specific time period but only one record shows (not the first one but a random one from halfway down the list of products).  I used exactly the same relationships (with different fields) to show work done for 1 client over a given time period with great success and am flumoxed as to why it won't work this time.
      Any help very gratefully received.

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          Thank you for your post.


          It will be a bit difficult without being able to see the file, but my first instinct would be to review the Relationship between the two tables.  Copy down the criteria that makes up the relationship, and make sure there are more than one record that satisfies the relationship.  It may be due to just a slight typo.


          If you are still having difficulty, then please provide some examples so I can test it out here.



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