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    Portal showing one record only


      Portal showing one record only


      I know this question is a classic - I have looked through the prev posts and still unsure what is wrong with my portal.

      I have attached my RD which shows the new T.Os that I have created for this portal...


      I have the layout 'Quote list' which is based on the table 'Quotes'. Portal based on new T.O called Customer Invoice details. All fields in portal are from the tables in the new T.Os that I have created. 


      Maybe I have the wrong fields in the wrong tables? My invoice details table contains the link fields to Customers (which contains customers' names/invoice addresses/phone etc) and also the shipping addresses, tax rates/codes and total of invoices/quotes/ orders. As each quote/invoice or order requires a unique record and number this is why there are the seperate tables...


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          What you describe should produce a portal where you have one portal row for every record in Invoice Details Customer that has the same customer ID as the record in invoice details that is directly related to Quotes by PrimaryKey.

          Is this what you are getting?

          Is this what you wanted?

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            If you have the relationships as Phil describes, and you know there is more than 1 matching record, can you make the portal row very large, and plonk the portal field right in the middle of it, to make sure the field in not, in fact, one pixel outside the portal you've drawn?

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              At the moment there are two records in total  - or quotes in this case. When viewing the portal, there is only one quote visible. To see the othere one I have to click to the next record. Sorbuster's suggestion was the first thing I tried as haver made that mistake before!

              Phil, It took me a while to get my head around your concise summary!

              What I want to see is the list of records from Quotes Customers, and the fields from the other tables such as Invoice details customers and indeed Customers, as these contain name of client, total of quote, etc etc


              Did I need to set up these extra T.Os or could I have just used the original tables? 

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                Please confirm these details:

                In layout setup, you see "Quotes" in "Show Records From"?

                In portal setup, you see "Invoice Details Customer" in "Show Related Records From"?

                In the above screen shot, do you expect to see one row for every quote made to this customer or every Invoice Details record (which may or may not be a quote) created for this same customer?

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                  Hi Phil

                  Yes I see quotes in layout set up.

                  I also have the portal set up to invoice details customers.

                  In the screesnhot, I wish to see all quotes for all customers in a list, the most recent being at the top...Sorted I assume by Quote:date...or even the Quote number as it will be sequential...I may add the date field as that may be more reliable

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                    As designed, it won't list all quotes by all customers. It will list all Inventory Detail records for the customer whose quote record is the current record on your layout.

                    Instead of a portal, you could use a list view layout based on quotes and you would get all quotes for all customers and you could then sort these records to put the most recent first.

                    To put the list in a portal, you'd need a relationship such as:

                    Quotes::anyfield X AllQuotes::anyfield

                    where AllQuotes is an occurrence of Quotes. You'd then link in any other table occurrences needed (such as an occurrence of customers) to the AllQuotes occurrence to display the data you want to see in your portal.

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                      HI Phil

                      I did used to use a list for this and it worked well but though it may be better using a portal. I will give it a go using your solution and if it isnt beneficial then I will revert back to a list. What are the pros and cons of the list view against a portal? Thank you..

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                        The list view is simpler to set up, but can't be fitted inside a tab control. That's the basic trade off here. Either you use a list view layout with a simulated tab control made of buttons that actually change layouts or you set up the portal that refers to an occurrence of quotes that is linked by the cartesian join operatoer (x).