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Portal showing one record only

Question asked by willrollo on Apr 24, 2012
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Portal showing one record only


I know this question is a classic - I have looked through the prev posts and still unsure what is wrong with my portal.

I have attached my RD which shows the new T.Os that I have created for this portal...


I have the layout 'Quote list' which is based on the table 'Quotes'. Portal based on new T.O called Customer Invoice details. All fields in portal are from the tables in the new T.Os that I have created. 


Maybe I have the wrong fields in the wrong tables? My invoice details table contains the link fields to Customers (which contains customers' names/invoice addresses/phone etc) and also the shipping addresses, tax rates/codes and total of invoices/quotes/ orders. As each quote/invoice or order requires a unique record and number this is why there are the seperate tables...