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Portal showing only one record

Question asked by SeanBoyd on Dec 31, 2014
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Portal showing only one record


I have 3 tables: Venue, Artist, Offers. All have primary key/ids for each record.

I have a layout in Offers the prints an itinerary (collection of offers). On the main Artist layout I have a button that runs a script that takes the current found set of records and generates a report using the Offer layout. It works great. Each offer is in the report.

I ran into trouble when I decided to have a list of a few fields (Venue name, City, Performance Date) at the top of the report since each offer is about a page (sort of like a Table of Contents). I am trying to use a portal and his is where my ignorance begins to show.

Since you can't have a portal relate to the table occurrence it is on, I created a second TO from the same Table (Offers2) based on primary key and created a portal showing related records from Offers2 and used fields from that TO in the portal. The portal

Results are that I only see one line of data in the portal. In preview I see the first record's data in the portal. In browse I see the data from the record I am previewing.

I read a bunch about this issue with solutions like custom functions and Global fields. Is that the direction I need to go? Attached pic shows the layout.