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Portal showing schedule filtered by current record

Question asked by mcemond on Nov 6, 2014
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Portal showing schedule filtered by current record


Hi! I have a table workOrder that is related to another table crewAssignment. Relevant fields:

workOrder::workOrderStartDate (date)
crewAssignment::schedule (date)

When I am on the workOrder layout, creating a new work order, I enter a date for workOrderStartDate and I have a portal on the layout based on crewAssignment. In this portal I would like to show crewName, filtered by schedule where schedule matches workOrderStartDate. So basically I choose a date that I'd like to start the work and a list generates that shows me who is already assigned to work orders that day (and where - workOrder::property).

So far my attempts at scripting an effective filter for the portal have failed. 

Any help would be great. Thanks!