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portal sliding

Question asked by lucas_1 on Dec 30, 2009
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portal sliding


hello one and all,


i have fm10advanced under osx snow leopard and win7.


i am trying to do a report with a portal on it.  i have a necessary field of contact name, line one, and an optional field of contact method, line two.  fm is setup to calculate "" for line two if the user options it off.  fine.


however, the portal that contains these lines will not slide up with line two has nothing in it.  so i have a lot of extra space on my report.  


i also tried it with a merge field that was two lines high in layout mode and the calculation had an optional carrier return to give the second line if it were present. the calculation with the option was working fine, however the portal did not slide there either.


so the portal did not slide/squeeze with two separate field or with a two line merge field.  i am not sure what to think at this point.  thank you in advance and have a Happy New Year.