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Portal Sort Question

Question asked by RonCates on Nov 15, 2010
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Portal Sort Question


I am working with a TO group as follows:

Employees 1 -----------< Invoices 1 >------ Customers 1

I have a portal on a layout based on Employees 1 with a portal from Tickets 1. In the portal, among other things, I am displaying the customer name field. Everything works fine. My probklem comes when I want to set the sort order for the portal. The dialog only shows fields from the Tickets 1 table. I would like to sort by Customer Name which resides in the customers table. It seems to me that I have been able to sort by fields that are a relationship away from the portal source in the past but I can't quite remember. Am I missing something that will allow me to select fields from the Customers 1 TO to sort by?