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Portal sort troubles

Question asked by PJbreen on Mar 31, 2010
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Portal sort troubles


I have a customer table, a projects table where each customer can have multiple projects, and a jobs table where each project has many jobs.


From the customer layout, I have a portal to show all related jobs, regardless of date or project, and two more portals to show future and past jobs for one selected project.


For past jobs, I am trying to sort jobs by date in descending order, but all I can get is creation order. Portal showing all jobs sorts by date any way I want. Date is definately a date field., not text.


The relationships for future and past jobs both use a global on the left side to get the selected project, and both use a "today" field to determine if appointment is in the past or future. So for past appointments, relationship includes  today > Job Date.


No matter if I try to sort at relationship level or portal level, I can not get this to sort by date. The only differences between the working portal and the two that won't sort are the global field, and the Today > condition. The relationships work fine, I get exactly the records I want, but they absolutely will not sort.


Any suggestions on how to get this to work? Thanks.