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Portal Sorting

Question asked by singerdf on May 24, 2010
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Portal Sorting


I have two tables:  Consignment and Stock #s.  I have setup a layout on the consignment table in which I have a repeating Stock # field.  This is related to the stock # in the Stock # table.  I enter a stock number in the Consignment layout and it auto fills the information from the stock # table.  I would like the stock # portal to stay as I have entered the stock #s.  At present it insists on sorting by the number.  I do not have any sort set up and cannot figure out how to turn this off.  


Is it related to indexing?  Is it related to how the two tables talk to each other.  For now I have added the stock number to the portal and do not print the related stock # as they are all out sync.


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