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Portal Sorting oddity

Question asked by ralvy on Feb 28, 2009
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Portal Sorting oddity


I have a Self Join relationship that allows me to essentially do a lookup for a different Account, all while in the same table (Accounts-X-Accounts). I use a Global Filter field to enter the search string, and have it feed the result to a multiline Global Filter Key field. The the search ends up searching Last Name, First Name, and Account Number all at once this way, causing the portal to narrow its display of related Accounts records.


I find that if I do this without a Self Join (allowing the search field to be a global field in a parent table, called Doctors), the portal update is essentially instantaneous (no visible sorting delay), showing me the appropriate Accounts in the portal. Doctors Table bears a one to many relationship with Accounts Table.


However, if I do this with a Self Join involving the Accounts table, it can take a long time for the portal to update while FM performs a sort.


The three keys that make up the relationship in either case are the same. So are the portals. In each case, the first key has the Doctor Field in one TO being equal to the Doctor Field in the other TO. In each case, the second key has the Global Filter Key of the first TO less than or equal to the the other TO's Multiline Account String field. In each case the third key has the Global Filter key of the first TO greater than or equal to the other TO's Multiline Account Name field.


Again, there is no sorting delay when using the Doctors-X-Accounts relationship, but there is a terrible sorting delay when using the Accounts-X-Accounts) relationship.


Is this a known problem when using Self Joins?