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Portal sorting problem

Question asked by VickyN on Nov 27, 2009
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Portal sorting problem


Hi All


I've created a relationship between contacts and contact history and set this relationship to allow creation of new records in contact history table via the relationship.


What i want is for people to be able to go to the contact record, simply type the details of a conversation into the portal and select a date, minimal clicking with maximum data structure as I want to be able to report on this contact history later...


However I want the portal in the contact record to sort the contact history by date in descending order i.e. newest at the top, BUT I want the new blank record to appear right at the top, and it doesn't....


I thought if I sorted firstly by the history field itself (which contains the details of whatever contact you had with the person) in ascending order, then in descending date order the blank record would appear at the top (as there is no text as yet in the history fields) then all the other records in date order...


But whatever I do the blank row seems to go to the bottom and I'm assuming this is because at this point it technically does not exist and is therefore not taken into consideration in the sort...


Am i right and if so besides altering my relationship and scripting the creation of new contact records to ensure this blank row is created and sorted to the top, what can I do???


Help please, thank you lots and lots in advance!


Vicky x