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    Portal sorting question - Please help



      Portal sorting question - Please help


      hi, thanks for your time.

      i am trying to get a portal that displays data from a self-join to change its sort order using buttons (essentially column headers).

      my idea was to create a field PortalSortValue, which i would set for all records in the found set using a button.

      ie. set field PortalSortValue A or B or C

      then make a calc field Calc PortalSortValue such that

      if PortalSortValue = "A"; 

      and have it place the value i want to sort by (whatever A is).

      i assumed that if i made all of that work, i could just set the portal to sort by the calculated field and i would have an easy portal sorting solution.

      well, i am here, so it didnt work.  at all.

      can anyone tell me why?  the steps that modify the field that the portal is set to sort by all work perfectly, but the portal does not re-sort itself.

      suggested solutions?  i'm just past Novice level.  thanks!