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    Portal Sorting using Get Field help.



      Portal Sorting using Get Field help.


       Hello, I currently need help in getting a portal created that would be able to display only certain category fields. At this point I currently have around 40,000 product records and would like to only be able to display records with the category text field of "cars and trucks" which will only show products that are cars and trucks inside a portal that is located inside the product record? Please let me know what the best option is? Thanks.

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          You can include that value at the data level or you can set it up with a portal filter expression. If you use the portal filter expression you can "hardwire" the expression so that the portal always displays data from the "cars and trucks" category or you can refer to a field where you can select a given category and the portal will update to display the related records for that category.

          Here's the "hardwired" version of a portal filter:

          PortalTable::categoryField = "Cars and Trucks"

          If you have some records with "cars" and other with "trucks" in the category field, you could use:

          PortalTable::categoryField = "Cars" or PortalTable::categoryField = "Trucks"

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            How would i setup the relations table for the Products Table of Records that I currently have?

            I tried to create a new Product relationship table to link between the Products and Product Relations but for some reason it is not showing up the product categories with Cars and Trucks.

            Thanks for all your help.

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              I can't tell you that without knowing more about these two tables. In paper and pencil terms, what relationship is there between these two tables?

              Do you want to see all records that are in this category or categories? Or is there some other factor that will link a specific record in Product Relations to a group of records in the Products.

              If you want to see all Products Records that meet the requirements of the portal filter, you can use this relationship:

              Product Relations::anyfield X Products::anyfield

              To change = to X, you double click the line linking these two "table occurrence" boxes to open a dialog box where you can specify more relationship details.

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                Perfect. It worked. I guess i needed the X instead of the =.


                Thanks for your help.