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Portal Summary and Detail

Question asked by user17541 on Sep 25, 2013
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Portal Summary and Detail


     Hi,  I am developing a FMP12 product system where I need to tie multiple types of documentation to each product.  So, for each product there could be an image, a few documents, a media file and some notes.  I have two files:

     1: Product File - stores all the information about the actual product

     2:  Data File - stores all the documentation relating to the product.

     I have designed a layout (linked to the product table) where the product information is shown, a portal (p1) that summarizes related documentation by type and another portal (p2) to show details of the summarized data.  The objective being that when a summary record is selected, it will display in the all the information in portal p2.  However, when I click the summary line, I receive an error message:  

     Relationships:  Self Join:  Data = Data (linked by Data primary key, used with portal P1)  and Data = Product (linked by ProductID & Type, used with portal P2)

     The summary portal works well, all the records that should show, show.  However, when I try to select a summary record to display in the second portal, I receive the error message:  "This operation could not be completed because this layout cannot display the result.".  Selecting the summary portal line to display is done through a small script that (1) finds the active portal line, goes to the second portal and displays the related record.

     So, there I am stuck.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.