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portal to data table

Question asked by mgores on May 12, 2011
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portal to data table


I am trying to create some testing forms, for each job there will be a filemaker file that the report is written in that contains layouts to show the test data.  There are several tests for each job, which ones vary from job to job.  There are varying number of samples for each job.  The number of data points per sample/test can vary from 1 to several hundred.

I was figuring it would work to have a data table and a report table, with the layouts for the test forms having portals to the data table.

A typical test result form has 6 columns of 20 blocks to enter the data.  When filling them out by hand it is easy to accomodate variations by labeling each column with a sample number for tests that have less than 20 entries/sample or multiple columns with the same sample number if there are more than 20 entries/sample.  I have figured out a way to make 6 portals for the six columns, the first one starts at record 1, showing 1; the second starts at record 2 showing 1; etc.

Is there a way to have the portals see if there are >20 records to spill those over into the next portal, then if > 40 into the next and so on?