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    Portal to Show all Records "Where" clause



      Portal to Show all Records "Where" clause


           Basically I have a crap ton of Model Numbers

           For example



           M being the Prefix

           09300 being the number

           Y/R/CL/BL all being Suffixs

           When im displaying a record in Form View, for example M09300R

           I want a portal to show the related records

           Basically the Prefix and ModelNumber dont change, it's the Suffix that is the unqiue part



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               So if you defined a calculation field as: GetAsNumber ( ModelNumber ), your records for


               will all show the value 9300. If you define a self join linking records by this calculation field, Any one of these records would list all three in the portal. If you don't want to list M09300R in the portal when your current record on the layout is for M09300R, you can use this relationship:

               YourTable::ModelNumber ≠ YourTable|SameModelID::ModelNumber AND
               YourTable::cModelID = YourTable|SameModleID::cModelID

               Where cModelID is the above mentioned calculation field. YourTable and YourTable|SameModelID are two Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? for the same table.

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                 Im pretty positive that its a many to many relationship, apologies if I am not understanding and/or I wasnt clear.

                 Each Model Number is Unique

                 There is no M00900 as each Model Number has an attached Suffix that makes it unqiue (a color identifier)


                 Related Models

                 Would be all the models associated with M09300




                 So the portal is wanted to show this.

                 Current ModelNo (Displayed Record) M09300Y

                 [ M09300R ]
                 [ M09300BL ]
                 [ M09300GR ]

                 I already have fields that are Specified for Model Prefix/Number/Suffix

                 So for the record M09300Y

                 If i were to display the 3 fields:


                 Hopefully this image gives a better idea


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                   This does not change what I have described here.