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    Portal Tool/Setup



      Portal Tool/Setup



           I have a small CRM and want to display the non-paid bills, notes, and renewals that are attached to customers. But I want all the details without regard to selected clients. I can not do it.
           Thank you.

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               The subject of your post is curious. It doesn't seem to have much to do with the problem you're having. Could you provie more details?

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                 Sorry, wrong translation.

                 It's "Portal Setup/Tool" to display records from related tables.

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                   A portal requires a relationship to set up, but you have indicated: "I want all the details without regard to selected clients."

                   A relationship that uses X instead of = will list all records from the related table. That's all I can suggest without knowing quite a bit more about your database, the tables, relationships and what you want to see on the layout.

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                     I know this, but since I have 3 portals on the same layout, one of them list all the records. But the two others portals list only thing that belong to the listed records on the first portal! I have try so many X relationships between tables. The first portal is the one that have the same name relationship than the table.
                     Thank you.
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                       Playing with relationships, I found out two thing:
                       First, only one relationship is needed no matter how many portal.
                       We need to hook this X relationship to the main/master table that have real relationships with tables needed to show in portals.
                       Thank you for your time, it does help!