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    Portal Trouble



      Portal Trouble


      I have a small problem getting my look up values into my portals. I'm creating a time tracker and service counter for a dance studio. The hourly wage and actual cost of labor for the staff needs to be calculated but I can't get the hourly wage lookups to perform. The same problem is occurring with the actual dancers. They are billed per dance and they are paid by the hour. It is probably something real simple I am habitually overlooking. I would really appreciate the help. I'm using filemaker pro 11.0v3 not advanced.


      Oh. Please be gentle. this is my first database.

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          Dave Graham

          You are currently selecting staff names in the portal, but your relationships from the incomes<-->staff is based on IDs, not names. You should be entering the staff ID using a value list based on the staff IDs. 

          I would also suggest:

          1. Enter all staff in a single table. Add an indicator field which is true if the staff is a bar staff or dancer.
          2. All income should exist in a single table. This will make reporting and schema much simpler. The process of normalization reduces redundancy and produces well-structured relations. 

          Good luck!

          - dg