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    portal trouble in web publishing



      portal trouble in web publishing



      I have designed a database for recording interventions and parent contacts regarding students in my school.  I have published the database to the web with a lot of great success!  My issue that I am running into is the format of the portal.  There are records that I am displaying, some of which have two sentences or so of notes from say a phone call.  When the portal shows multiple records the view in web publishing is garbled.  It appears that the entries are on top of each other.  Is there any way I can play with the portal so that the records can be completely viewed in succession?  I can clarify if I am not being clear.

      I have included an image to try and show what I am seeing below.


      Thanks for any help that you might be able to give me.


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          Try making small adjustments to the row height of your portal and see if that clears this up. You should be able to eliminate the "vertical split" and and just a few pixels of space between the blocks of text. (You may also want to make small size changes to the height of the field inside the portal row to make it slightly smaller than the row's.)