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portal trouble: question on primary / foreign keys

Question asked by CollynHinchey on Feb 28, 2011
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portal trouble: question on primary / foreign keys



I'm having some trouble pulling up related records via a portal for my database tracking products our architecture firm uses in projects.

We may use many products by one manufacturer, so: Manufacturer --< Products

In the Manufacturer table, _pkManufacturerID is an auto-enter serial number.

In the Products table, _pkProductID is an auto-enter serial number and _fkManufacturer ID is a text drop-down populated by a list of values from the 'Manufacturer Name' field in the Manufacturers table.

In the relationship graph, I have a one-to-many relationship defined between _pkManufacturerID in the Manufacturer table and _fkManufacturerID in the Products table.

So as an example, Cassina is a manufacturer. Its _pkManufacturerID is '27' and there are 30 entries in the Products table that have 'Cassina' selected as a value for the _fkManufacturerID field. When I put a portal to the Products layout on the Manufacturer layout, why don't those 30 entries show up? So far I guess I have only been using portals to create new records in the child table (to create notes related to an entry etc), so I'm assuming this is a different sort of portal and I'm not understanding something about it.

Thanks for any help!