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Portal View of multiple records

Question asked by timothy2k on Aug 3, 2009
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Portal View of multiple records


I did some reading before posting, but not sure exactly how my setup can use a self-join (if I even need to) to summarize all related records in one portal.


I have 5 main tables involved:




Quote Item



A customer requests an Estimate, which has a "parent" id, and can then have multiple parts. each of those parts relates to one quote item. Quote items are combined onto one quote that contains each related quote item. Quote with some or all of the quote item parts can then be sent to multiple vendors for bidding.


What I am trying to do, is have a "control panel" type layout where I can type in an Estimate "parent" id, and it will then display all the related quotes aong with quote items, sorted by vendor.


Here is some numbering examples to make it clearer:


Estimate 10020

Parent ID 10020

Part 1 - 10020-1

Part 2- 10020-2


Quote Items (where the letter code is specific to the vendor it was created for):







Quotes: (notice not every quote item ends up being on every quote)


contains quote items- 10020mvp, 10020-1mvp, and 10020-2mvp



contains quote items- 10020jac, 10020-2jac


So I am trying to get my portal to allow a search for Estimate parent ID "10020" and return all records (in rows) summarized like quotes are above, but on one screen.


Right now the portal is pulling up two different records (one for 10020mvp, and one for 10020jac). 


So, the tables are related right now like:

Estimate::estimate_id--> QuoteItem::estimate_id



quote_id is basically the estimate_id + vendor code, which makes it unique per quote. I am looking to get all quote items with the same parent id for every vendor, displayed into one portal.



Hope this all make sense. Thanks!