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    Portal with container fields for PDFs



      Portal with container fields for PDFs



      I've created a popover button which I can add a PDF to an click it later to automatically open the PDF.  I thought it would be cool to have this in a portal so I could achieve the main aim of the exercise, many documents held against one parent record.

      The portal works as you'd expect, but I can't open the PDF once placed on the portal row.  Even if I copy the working popover button to the portal, it doesn't automatically open and play the PDF media.

      Any ideas why?



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          You are using a container field "optimized for interactive content"? That doesn't work inside the row of a portal and if you place your popover button inside the portal row, it also comes under that limitation.

          But you can move the popover button outside of the portal row and set up a button inside the portal row that links the current layout record to the clicked portal row record and then opens the popover. Then an interactive field inside this popover can display the container field contents from the selected portal row. This requires setting up a second relationship from the layout's Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? to a new occurrence of the portal's table.

          You can enter True as the Hide Object When property for the popover button to keep it from being visible.

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            I did wonder if the interactive content disabled on a portal, thanks for confirming.

            Sounds like button sorcery, looks like fun.  Will give it go, hopefully should help with what I need it for.

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              I haven't spelled out every detail of this trick so feel free to ask follow up questions here. If you position the hidden popover button behind the portal it can look like the popover is extending out of the portal.