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Portal with my Layout needed

Question asked by jmageean on Oct 27, 2013
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Portal with my Layout needed


     I am learning how to use the Portal.  I setup my relationship between two tables.  Then set up the portal in my Layout.  Then put the portal on a second tab.  First tab had all the parent fields.  Since the portal was not wide enough to show all the fields from the relationship, I moved them around so they would fit nicely on the portal screen.  Then I added text fields over these fields so I would know what they were.  I was moving several fields with their text fields together to relocate them.  When I clicked on the group to move them I lost all of them.  What I have now is the grayed screen with no visible fields (only on the tab with the portal fields).  It shows the lines where the tab is and the tab name.  I have no idea how to get the view with my fields back