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    portal with OR relationship?



      portal with OR relationship?


           I have a two tables where I'd like to create a relationship that finds related records by looking in multiple columns. So for instance, in Table 1 I'd have a field value. It would then look for that field value in the related table (Table 2), but looking in multiple columns for that field value - not just one.

           I've tried creating multiple occurences of Table 2, but to no avail.

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               Can you explain why you mave multiple columns with this match data? (Wondering if there might be a better way to structure your data.)

               That said, you can define a calculation field in Table 2 that combines data from the two fields (columns). Use the calculation field as your match field for table 2.

               If one of the two fields is empty when the other stores data, it can simply be:

               Field1 & Field2

               If both fields can hold data in the same record, use:

               List ( Field1 ; Field2 )

               and specifiy Text in the Result Type drop down.

               List produces a return separated list of values and when a return separated list of values is used in the match field of a relationship, it sets up the OR relationship you have specified.


               IF field 1 = "Apple" and Field 2 = "Orange", Then a record in Table 1 with "Apple" Or "Orange" in the match field will link to this record.

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                 Thank you. I didn't realize that I could just use the one column and use a carriage return to enter multiple data. So no need to concatenate multiple columns. I will delete the extra columns now that I don't need them.

                 It all works as needed now.

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                   You might also enter the values in separate records of a join table. This can make working with the multiple values easier.