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Portal with records NOT in parent table

Question asked by JasonRossitto on Aug 19, 2011
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Portal with records NOT in parent table


I've got a table of personnel with their locations which is linked from our space database software, and a table of newly hired personnel. I have a layout based on the first table, and I want to create a portal to the second table that shows only those employees who have not yet been added to the space database. That way when I import the new hires each week from HR and begin adding them to the space database I can see which ones I have left to do.

To do this I self joined the locations table with a cartesian product, then related the hires table to the second instance of the locations table with a "not equal" operator on the username field. The parent layout is based on the first instance of the locations table.

The problem is that the portal still shows employees who are already in the database. I tried the self join because I assumed it wasn't working because it was showing only hires that were not equal to the current record of the locations table, not any record in the locations table.

So basically it's:

personnelLocations::username X personnelLocations::username != hires::username


I want a portal showing only items from the hires table for which hires::username does not appear in the personnelLocations table.