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Portal with repeated fields

Question asked by yomango on Mar 2, 2011
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Portal with repeated fields


I hope I can explain my problem: I have an inventory file which is composed of whole purchased items and other items assembled from the purchased items. To assemble an item I had created a portal that hides or shows based on a key field. No problem so far. The portal shows four repetition fields ie, component field (value list of all the items I have typed so I can start arming the assembly), a price field (looks up the price of the item I just choosed), number field for quantity (I type it in) and a calculated field (qty*price field). It seems to work fine so far, but if I change the price of an item, the portal does not show the new price (this is half of the problem), then I have to export the file to an excel file so another software can collect the info (second problem). Since the fileds in the portal are repeating fields they do not go out as a separate row in excel, how can I do that then. So my two absic questions,how do I get the portal to show the new value when one of the component prices change and how do I export so the repating fields go into separate records or rows. Thanks