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Portal with Unique checkbox per user

Question asked by AppGuy on Apr 24, 2013
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Portal with Unique checkbox per user


     OK.. I need  some help here.. I am totally drawing a blank on how to go about doing this.

     I have a sign-in page that is a web portal..  when people come they sign into the portal on this layout.

     When they check they review button it takes them to another layout (based on the same table) and displays related records from another web portal called jobs.  This portion is working great. 

     Here is the part I am stuck on..

     I would like each user when they click the review button to be able to review each of the related records in the other web portal (JOBS). Each person that signs in will be able to create a new review record for each job.

     So if user1 signs into the sign-in portal, clicks the review button, it goes to the review layout and shows the related records from jobs, then they can choose with ones they want to check(review).

     then if user2 signs in.. they repeat the same process with a new review

     Right now I have:   signin--TO--main--TO--jobs      and  signin--TO--review

     Hopefully this makes sense...