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    Portal within portal difficulty



      Portal within portal difficulty


      Hi all once again (using FMP11 on Mac, served FM8)

      We have a fairly large db of contacts, a subset of whom we occasionally send specific letters to, so we have a structure:

      Picacontax::ContactID = Contact_Letter::ContactID and

      Contact_Letter::LetterID = Letter::LetterID, so I have a portal on the Contact's record to Contact_Letter

      additionally we'd like to track followup calls (potentially several) to that particular contact about that particular letter, and response (likely only one), so I have a sub-portal to a table called 

      Follow_Contact_Letter with FCL::FollowID = Contact_Letter::FollowID and

      FCL::ContactID = Contact_Letter::ContactID

      my difficulty is that deleting related record from first portal doesn't delete RR's from mini-portal

      any help appreciated


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          Presumably Contacts, is the table occurence not shown except for the relationship line that connects to Contact_ID.

          Putting one portal inside another is not supported by Filemaker. You'll need to use a different design.

          Your "mini portal" is not displaying related records for a specific record in Letters, it is listing all follow up letters for all Letters sent to this contact.

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            thanks Phil - wasn't aware of 'nesting' portals not being supported - but on reflection now understand why - tricky to identify which related records are being referred to.

            yes will rethink and redesign ....