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Portal within the same table?

Question asked by m.mcdonell on Jun 3, 2013
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Portal within the same table?


     I have a fairly complex database for my service company and I am wanting to simplify how things are viewed. Here is my question.

     If I want to find clients in a certain city, and the result is 8 records. Within the layout that shows the details of each individual client, can I display a portal that shows all 8 in a list view? I am really just trying to display a list view in the same window as the records whereby selecting another client in the list it will either goto that record (while maintaining the list) or use conditional formatting to show the selected record.

     Any ideas? I already have this setup so that if I am on a specifac client, I can view all the service orders in a list. That is easier since they are 2 different tables. I want to show a list view and display information all from the same table