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Portal won't let me create more than one record.

Question asked by beauvinciviolins on Sep 7, 2012
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Portal won't let me create more than one record.


I'm a rookie so please forgive my lack of a better way to describe this issue.


I'm creating an invoicing system which is using a conditional value list.  I've set up the tables: "Repair Orders", "Repair Line Items", "Repairs" (this list of possible repairs for each instrument), and a T.O. of "Repairs" for the conditional value list.


I've set the relationship between Repair Line Items and Repair Order to be able to create new records in the line items table.

Relationship Settings

Everything works great for creating the first record in the portal, but when I click to create the second, it is unresponsive.

One Record Portal

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.