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    Portal wrap around?



      Portal wrap around?


      Software: Filemaker Pro v 10.0.3

      OS        : Mac OS X 10.6.2


      I have a report page set up with a portal showing records from a related table.


      The portal needs to be able to show 96 entries, and I have it configured to do so.


      The problem that I'm running in to, is that I cannot fit 96 entries onto a single page print out. Is it possible to have the portal 'wrap' around, so instead of showing one large column of 96 rows, I instead have 2 columns of 48 rows each? I'm sure I can probably do this with some sort of calculation, but is there an easier way that i'm overlooking?





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          Set up two instances of the portal next to each other. The one on the left (double-click on the portal in layout mode) shows records 1-48. The other, 49-96. Of course this will limit your horizontal screen space . . .



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            Given the large number of portal records, you may find you can get a nicer report if you create a summary report layout based on your portal's table occurrence. You can use your existing relationships to pull in fields from your parent table and place them in a header or subsummary part.


            Terms you can research here or in Filemaker's help to learn more:


            Summary Reports

            SubSummary parts

            List View Layouts

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                 You should indeed print from the child table - AND you can set the print layout to print in columns.
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                haha wow, pure genius... thanks :) 


                thanks for everyone's advice, RickWhitelaw has the immediate fix, but I know I need to get more familiar with summary reports and will figure them out in the near future