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    Portal/Relationship set-up help, please.



      Portal/Relationship set-up help, please.


           I'm stuck.

           I have a table that has a primary key, CompanyName field and three date fields: Closes, Follow-up, and Interview; every record has the company name filled in as well as one or more of the date fields filled in with a date. What I want to do is create a (self-join?) portal so it lists every record with a date in chronological order, e.g.:

           Acme Company     Closes     2014-02-13

           Bozotronics     Interview     2014-02-14

           Acme Company    Interview     2014-02-20

           Acme Company      Followup     2014-02-27

           Bozotronics     Followup     2014-03-05

           How do I do that so it shows the company name, field where it's from (Closes, Follow-up, Interview) and its date? I know it's problematic from the start since ideally the dates, themselves, should've been in a child table tied to a parent table (company), but I don't want to go on a merry chase reconstructing a solution just to make this function work.


           TIA for your help!