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    Portal1 drives Portal2



      Portal1 drives Portal2


      I have researched a lot of posts on this, but may not be looking for the right thing. I want to have side by side portals in which when the record of portal#1 changes, it is used to filter the records in portal#2. For example, portal1 on left side has classes, portal2 on the right has students. I want to scroll through classes in portal1 and have students change in portal2 automatically.


      Thanks for any help and please pardon my ignorance. I am just starting.



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          I think this is what you want: You can set this up with a script so that clicking a record in portal 1 selects the records to be shown in portal 2. Thus, clicking a class record in portal 1 would show the list of students assigned to that class.


          You have at least three tables/table occurrences


          Main (what your layout is based on)

          Classes (portal 1)

          StudentClasses (portal 2, probably a join between Classes and students)


          Presumably theres a primarykey field in Classes called ClassID or some such and a matching ClassID field in StudentClasses.

          Define a global field in Main, gClassID

          Use it to relate Main to StudentClasses (you may need a new TO for StudentClasses)

          Main::gClassID = StudentClasses2::ClassID (Base portal 2 on this specific TO)


          Write a script

          Set field [Main::gClassID; Classes::ClassID]

          Commit Record //May not be needed, add it if portal 2 doesn't refresh properly


          On your layout define the class name field in portal 1 as a button and specify this script.

          Use conditional formatting on this field (or all the fields in the portal row)

          Classes::ClassID = gClassID

          and specify a contrasting color.


          Now, when you click the field in Portal 1, it should highlight and the matching student list for the class should appear in portal 2.

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            Thank you for the quick reply. I will try to digest this and make it work. I may have to come back with some questions, but it makes sense so far, at least conceptually.



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                 That was it! Thank you very much.