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Portal: Navigate through records vs using vertical scrollbar

Question asked by ryan9721 on Jan 27, 2011
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Portal: Navigate through records vs using vertical scrollbar


Hi all,

I have a question about Portals. I have no problem getting a portal to show related records as selected by a dropdown box. However, I want to show only 1 record at a time in a form-like view (each record shown in the portal is a Survey response, so it includes both scoring columns and comment columns) with previous/next/first/last navigation and a "create new" button.

By making the Portal the size of the page and selecting show only 1 row at a time, I've somewhat accomplished this goal. However, to see additional records you have to use the vertical scrollbar which is a little cumbersome. Is there a way to add previous/next/first/last navigational arrows to flip through each record instead? I would also like to add a button to "create new" record (so someone could create a new survey right from this form).

Is this all possible with a Portal, or should I be using a different method?