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      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a portal that:

      1)Has a google search type - did this!
      2)Has the possibility to decide where to search (for example: search for articles, search for descriptions, etc.) - getting mad to do do this...

      Does anyone has a solution?

      I solved the first point making a global field, then a calculating field related to the record I want to search.

      For the second point, I have been trying to use the getfield, but no results.

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          you what? did you put a global in the parent, and relate it a calc in the child? What's the calc?


          As far as deciding where to search:


          maybe: use a dot seperate


          love.city would be: looking for love in the city. Love City? yeah.


          So there is first a goto layout script step that takes you to a layout containing the city. Well actually first you put the search into a variable. then go to the layout, there you can parse the text, like text for if there is a dot (well there could be a default search, or supersearch that searches all fields -- filter for the dot, then test), then parse the field into two other variables where one is for before the dot, the other after. next  set the second variable to whichever field matches, then the first will be the value set to the field. oh, did you enter find mode before setting the field? you better. then perform find script step. 

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               You might want to use a tab control where each tab has a different portal (one matches your data to descriptions, one to articles, etc.) Each portal could refer to the same key field so that you would enter your data into it and then you would click a tab to see a portal listing the related data.