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      I have a portal where I enter information to it such as name of member menu selection etc etc


      My problem is that every time I am entering the info for each field the records update and the screen moves doing a re-sync of records - Have you experieneced this?


      Can anything be done?


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          The records re-sync in the portal when you commit the record, which in FileMaker can be done just by clicking out of the portal.  Is that what is happening?  If so, and it bugs you then don't sort the portal.  Or use the tab key to move through fields entering all your data at one time.

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            Thank you I have done this - Which is not using any sorts for the portal - The problem is when I have drop down fields when I click on the drop down and select the record then it re-syncs the portal as I make the selection - Anyway we can avoid the re-sync?


            Thanks in advance