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      Im currently using fmpro 10 advanced


      I'm still trying to get records to show in a portal I have a database called new clients and a layout named active clients

      Indexed field called call and want to show all call clients in the active layout (no matter what I do i can only show 1 or 2 records max

      all the relationships are in place but it just won't have it  i have the portal setup and the fields setup in the portal it sees the fields but when i perform a find it either comes back with no records or 1,2 records when i know their are 100 just sitting their

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          Since we can't see your file, layouts or relationships trying to figure this out can be difficult and time consuming when a quick look at your file would probably clarify things for you in minutes.


          I'm sending you a private message (check for the envelope icon in upper right to change color, then click it.) with an email address where you can send me the file for a quick look.