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Question asked by boopboopdydoop on Feb 18, 2010
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I have a layout with a button called "pictures". When I click that button a new layout opens up. On that new layout I would like to display all the pictures I have that are already stored in a seperate layout, each as an indivdual record. However, the pictures have specific model numbers, each with a letter in the front. For example, my outdoor pictures are called "A1", "A2", "A3", etc. And all my pictures are divided up in that way depending on what they are (outdoor, indoor, etc). Back to my first sentence....I have a button called "pictures" on a specific layout. Lets say this layout is only for outdoors. When I press that picture button and the new layout pops up, I would like all the outdoor pictures (all the "A" pictures) to show up. How do I do that?