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      Is it possible to put a portal in a portal?

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          No. But if you explain what your needs are perhaps we can direct you in a different way.

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            In my database I have three tables; Sites, Contacts, & Phone numbers. I have a layout to manage sites. I have created a portal to list all the contacts for a site but I also want to see all the phones numbers for the contact

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              You might use conditional formatting to make a phone number red if there are additional numbers:

              Count( related::numbers ) > 1

              and put a tooltip on the phone number so that when you hover over it you see:


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                You can also create a list view layout based on your contacts table and place fields from the sites table in the header or even (in filemaker 10, 11) in a sub-summary part.


                You can then place a portal to Phone Numbers in the body of your layout to see the list of all phone numbers for each contact.


                To keep your contact records organised on this layout, you'd use a either a find to find only records from one site at a time or you would sort your records to group all the records for a given site under a Subsummary that uses the Site name or ID as its break (sorted by) field.