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Question asked by dinora on Feb 16, 2012
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 Is there a way to have a portal on a layout and as you scroll down through each portal record, a portal next to this one displays information that relates to the portal record highlighted.

Keep in mind this is information based upon two portals

So I have a patients table, that has a tab labeled as visits

Under this tab I am now able to a list of the visits the patient has seen the doctor, and selecting on a specific visit displays on a portal the diagnosis of the patient for that visit. 

Each visit could be assigned multiple diagnosis. So by selecting a visit I see on the portal

Diagnosis A

Diagnosis B

Diagnosis C

All of this is working, what I need now is on this same layout as I scroll down through the diagnoses on that visit, to be able to have a portal that tells me details about Diagnosis A. and then if I highligh Diagnoses B I get the portal to update with information relating to Diagnosis B, so on and so forth

Can you help?