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Question asked by dinora on Feb 19, 2012
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See picture, below

I have a global date (radio buttons) allowing me to see what symtomps of a patient by date.

I have Patients Table, Visits Table, Symptoms Table, and, visist/symptoms joint table. (4 tables)

Relations are PKPatient -- FK Patient (Visits Table)

PK Visit --FK Visit (Visits/Symptoms Join)

PK Symptoms --FK Symptoms (Visits/Symptoms Join)

G_Visits(Visits Table) --Symptoms A_Z(calculated field) in the Visits Symptoms Join

In the layout for Patients I can see the visits by radio button, and clicking on any visit it displays on the portal below the symptoms found. 

Then to the right you see the symptoms details for all the symptoms found during the visit.  What I want to do is scroll down through the symptoms found in the portal and display the details of symptom selected on the portal row.

Can anyone help on this. 

Details of the symptoms are displaying on a portal and also out of the portal. I am not sure I need a Detail portal.

Thanks is advance