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    Portals - Automatically fill in fields



      Portals - Automatically fill in fields


      Table 1 contains Field "FRG", ..., and Field "TXT"

      Table 2 contains Field "FRG", ..., and Field "TXT1"

      I have a layout for "Table 1" which contains a portal displaying data from "Table 2" via a relationship between the "FRG" fields.

      This works fine. What I would like to do is fill in values (text) in Field "TXT" on "Table 1" that are automatically copied in the field "TXT1" on "Table 2", but only for those records shown in the portal. Calculation and lookup don't seem to be able to do the job.

      Any suggestions are welcome.


      Rudi Horemans

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          The Looked up values auto-enter field option should do the job for you. However, there's a question to ask first:


          Do you want the data in matching records of table 2::txt1 to automatically change if the data in table 1::txt is changed?


          If so, you shouldn't put the data in table 2::txt1 at all. Instead you can place the table1::txt field in layouts based on table 2 whenever you need this related data to show up. In this manner, any changes to the data in the text field automatically appears for all your related records in table 2.


          To use a looked up value option, double click the field definition for txt1, click the auto-enter tab and select "looked up value". You then select table 1 in the 2nd (lower) drop down and click txt to highlight it.

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            Maybe I should have given more details and background information.

            The whole purpose of the exercise is the preparation of texts for retail folders.

            "Table 2" contains information from a dump from an SAP system, and contains amongst others: artcile id, brand, mini description, regular purchase price, regular retail price, etc. This dump is re-imported in Filemaker at regular intervals (once a week). Some fields are added, such as promotional purchase price, promotional retail price, promotion start date and promotion end date. Afterwards, the fields artcile id, promotion start date, promotion end date, promotional purchase price and promotional retail price are exported to an Excel file and uploaded in the SAP system. Nothing else can be uploaded.

            The field "FRG" on "Table 1" represents "Folder number", "Retaildept" and "Group of articles". E.g.: Folder 1/2010, Dept Paint, Groupe 1.

            On another layout users select a certain FRG and fill in the unique product ids that go with this particular FRG. (In the dept paint e.g. one can have 20 different colors, sold in 0,5 - 1 - 2 -5 liter; this gives 80 articles which should have one common publicity text, the field "TXT" on "Table 1".)

            When the same group of articles is presented in another folder, e.g. Folder 15/2010, Dept Paint, Groupe 4, the common "TXT" should be re-used. That is why I would like to be able to automatically copy the text of field Table 1::TXT to Table 2:TXT1 for every single product that was part of "Folder 1/2010, Dept Paint, Groupe 1". If and when there is a value in Table 2:TXT1, this value should be re-used for subsequent publications.


            Rudi Horemans

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              My previous post gave you an option for doing that in my last post. Did it work for you?