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    Portals - Data Entry



      Portals - Data Entry


      I have created a portal but there are two problems. First when I attempt to chose an item from a drop down menu to enter into one of the portal fields it always enters the item above the one I highlight.  Although frustrating this is rectified by repeating the process. However, the greater frustration is that whenever I come out of the portal all the data that I have entered into it beyond the first line entry is erased.  


      Can anyone offer some help here please.


      Kind regards


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          Not sure what's going on here: "when I attempt to chose an item from a drop down menu to enter into one of the portal fields it always enters the item above the one I highlight."

          Is this a script? If so please post it and maybe we can figure it out.


          On the second issue, I'd check out the relationship you've defined for your portal and make sure the match fields in your portal's table are getting values that correctly link the record to the current parent record. If you enter data in a portal row and the resulting record does not have this matching value, it'll disappear from your portal when you commit it as the portal's relationship filters it out of the current parent record's portal and this would match what you describe.


          The record still exists in this case, you can go to a layout for that portal table and find the record there. Examining such a record's fields might provide a useful clue.

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            Hi Phil,

            No it is not a script it is what I suppose you would call a manual entry.  You may realise that I am relatively new to filemaker but have spent many hours over the last few months trying to get up to speed.

            Thanks for the detail in relation to the loss of data.  Due to my lack of knowledge I might take a while to disseminate what you have outlined. But thank you. 

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              Well, in that case can you give a more detailed description of this. Specifically, how is your value list for this field defined? (This doesn't happen for me, so I'd like to figure out what you're doing that's different.)


              Here's a more detailed example of the disappearing row issue that I am imagining might explain the problem:


              Let's say I have an invoice record with a portal for recording line items (items purchased on the invoice).


              My relationship might be:

              Invoices::InvoiceNumber = LineItems::InvoiceNumber


              I could put a portal to LineItems on my Invoices layout.


              Let's say I have the following fields in the portal row:



              I enter an item name, a quantity and a cost in the portal, leaving InvoiceNumber blank. All looks OK, until I exit the portal and the screen refreshes. Then the row disappears! If I go to my LineItems layout and look, however, I'll find that the record is there.



              Since I left the LineItems::InvoiceNumber field blank, there's no value in this record to match it to the current Invoice record's InvoiceNumber field. Thus, the portal can't display this record.


              The fix in this case is to select the "Allow creation of records via this relationship option" for LineItems in this portal's relationship. Now any new record created in the portal automatically gets a matching invoice number entered into the portal record. In fact, this field should be removed from the portal as it is not needed and editing it could mess up my records by matching it to the wrong invoice.