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Portals - finding the difference in behavior

Question asked by mcemond on Oct 15, 2014
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Portals - finding the difference in behavior


I have two portals on a single layout for my 'workorder' table. The first portal is linked to a table 'billable' the second portal is linked to a different table named 'non billable'. Both have a field __FkWorkOrderID which is related to the workorder table's __PkWorkOrderID. Both relationships allow modification of the non/billable tables.  Both portals look identical in their settings... but I am missing something because they display differently. My question is what is causing the following:
the 'billable' portal shows all records in the associated billable table with the last one being for a new record.
the 'nonbillable' portal shows only the new record row. When new records are created in it, they are stored as you would expect. I actually like this behavior but can't figure out how I did it to replicate it to the billable portal.
Any ideas?