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Portals - multiple entries

Question asked by MarkMac on Jun 22, 2009
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Portals - multiple entries




I've a table (call it 'A') which captures info on the delevelopment of a brochure - as part of a current brochure record - all images used within the brochure are captured e.g. field names 'Image_RefA' 'Image_RefB' 'ImageRefC' and so on.


Another table (call it 'B') simple lists all images individually as a current record. A portal the allows all brochures that use an image to appear on the image record.


A simple relationship between A and B which allows a portal to function would by Image_RefA (field in A) = Image_Ref (field on the current record of the image found on table B) - the match allowing information to appear in the portal.


I'm trying to find away of allowing multiple relationships to allow the portal to show entries on all image used e.g.


Table A - Fields on one record        relationship to table B which lists individual images and where they are used

'Image_RefA' (field name)              Record one - Image_Ref (field name)

'Image_RefB' (field name)              Record two - Image_Ref (field name)

'ImageRefC' (field name)               Record three - Image_Ref (field name)


The relationship only works with the first 'Image_RefA' - Image_Ref


How can I get the portal to work with multiple options to table B's Image_Ref


Does any of that make sense????


Thanks for your help - Mark