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    Portals and filtering



      Portals and filtering


      1. The gist is that I want 3 different DrugLists in 3 different portals on the same Patient layout.

      2. Primary relationships are:

      Patient::_CalcID --< Calc::__ID

      Calc::_IOID --< IO::__ID

      IO::__ID --< DrugList::_IOID and

      DrugList::_Drugs >--Drugs::__ID

      3. How do I add/delete a record, based on the same DrugList table, in 1 portal but not affect the other portals.

      Assume there is a good reason for having a single DrugList and Drugs tables.

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          I'm afraid I can't follow your post.  You mention portals and filtering, but don't mention what each of the 3 portals need to do/show.  You could make 2 more TO's of DrugLists, then have each of the 3 DrugLists portals (3 different TO's) filtered to show different records.  Without a clearer understanding, I can't provide any other suggestions.

          List your tables and what they mean.  You mentions DrugLists on the Patient layout (2 tables), but then show relationships referencing a "Calc" table and an IO table.  What do these tables do/mean/represent?

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            Tables and the direction of 1 to many relationships: Patient < Calc < IO < DrugList > Drugs

            3 Portals on Patient layout are for drugs given:  by tube, IV, orally.

            I currently have 2 TOs of DrugList: a) The primary one to IO and b) A secondary one (DrugList2) that shows only the records of the selected IO record.

            I currently use a script to add new records via the DrugList2 portal using a value list from DrugList; DrugList is limited to 'by tube' drugs by other, hierarchical, relationships. However, for IV and oral routes I can list all drugs for those routes so the relationship will be simple.

            I've tried this script in order to produce a new record in DrugsUsed3, but I've failed to keep the focus on this portal, it instead produces a new Patient record.

            Set Variable [ $DrugsUsedID; Value:Patient::IO_n ]

            Go to Object [ Object Name: "DrugsUsed3" ]
            Go to Layout [ “DrugsUsed” (DrugsUsed) ]

            New Record/Request

            Set Field [ DrugsUsed::_IOID; $DrugsUsedID ]

            Go to Layout [ “Patient_L” (Patient) ]

            This topic of producing records from multiple portals from the same table on a single layout was discussed at the end of http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/0796c66657 by PhilModJunkbut the critical line of syntax wasn't mentioned.