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    Portals and IWP



      Portals and IWP


           Regarding IWP users, I want to force the submission of the parent record before any child records can be entered into the portal area. This is because certain information is auto-entry from the parent record into the child records. Can you recommend a button script for "new task" that does not work unless the parent "project" has been submitted and the parent record created?

           The problem occurs when portal tasks (children) are entered during the project entry (parent). If I could mandate the project record creation first, then I could get the auto-entry fields to pull into the child records.

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                    unless the parent "project" has been submitted and the parent record created?

               What's the difference between a parent "project" and a parent "record"?

               One "brute force" way to enforce this in IWP is to use one layout for creating/editing the parent record with a "next" button that submits the record and changes to the layout with the portal. Then the user cannot get to the portal until the parent record is submitted with valid values in all required fields.

               Please describe: the data that your auto-entry fields need to get from the parent record--it's possible that a different approach would elimintate the need for that--simplifying the entire issue for you.

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                 I like the "brute force" method. That should work perfectly. Thanks.