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Portals and Join Tables

Question asked by ShelleyM on Jan 7, 2013
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Portals and Join Tables


     Hi...I have a database with two primary tables and one join table.  I created layouts for each of my primary tables (Properties and Contacts).  Each of layouts has a portal which shows related records from the join table.  Each layout also has a drop down list that displays a field from the other table to establish the join...hope this makes sense!  Is it necessary to have the portals show related records from the join table or can I have the portals show related records from the primary tables themselves and will this still create records in the join table?

     I would also like to sort by portal records, but the join table does not have the fields I want to use for the sort.  Example, on the Contacts layout I can view the property name (through the portal to the join table), it is a field from the Properties table.  I'd like to sort by this field, but when I go to sort the portal records, there is no property name field (only ID #s).

     I appreciate any help.  Thanks.