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Portals and Lookups for larger child related tables (with many records)

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 8, 2011
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Portals and Lookups for larger child related tables (with many records)


I have a portal defined for my "many" records in the data entry layout below the main parent record.

This works fine for a few child records, but I see some future issues I don't know how to address yet:

1. Once I have 10,000-50,000 child records for a given parent, I'd have to scroll all the way to the bottom to add a new child record in the portal. Plus, I might not want to wait or display all the child records for a given parent.

What to do....?

2. I was thinking to maybe create a separate layout for just entering child records, but I can't seem to create a separate child table data entry layout lookup where I would be showing the "vendor name", but STORING the vendor ID. Again, this lookup might not work since it's matching index between the VENDOR and child table.

So, in 2. above, I was thinking that I would have a "add child record" button or something that would take me to a separate layout. There, I would have a pop-up that would let me pick the vendor name, but populate that field (the linking, indexed, vendor_id field in the child table) with the vendor_id.

What is the best practice is for this type of situation (larger databases) using portals?

Thanks in advance.